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6 Ways to Thrive Exceedingly

In a highly competitive and fast world, how can you experience stillness and find meaning in what you do? How can you thrive in a world that the norm is to have you survive? These are important questions that are worth your consideration. After asking myself the questions for many…

5 Keys to Finishing Strong

  As I turn the mid-forty pages of my life a reality has dawned. The thought that I have more days behind me and fewer ahead of me is sobering. As the rat race would have it, this is the time to accentuate speed, accumulate property, and create massive wealth. To go against…
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antI am a leadership author, speaker, and coach. I am currently the CEO of LEAD Consulting an organisation that focuses on leadership and personal  development. This is my personal blog.  It is primarily on personal and leadership development topics. My underlying philosophy is that leadership development is synonymous with personal development.

I write and speak on leadership development, personal growth, speaking, writing, and other related topics.

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