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Ever wondered why despite the fact that we all have the seeds of greatness within us, we don’t plant them or nurture them to reap the harvest of greatness? Is greatness only a subject that is nice to talk about and shortly get back to our ordinary lives? Can you truly lead a great life? I believe you can.  However a few things tend to hold back you from pursuing your destined greatness. a)         Do don’t believe you were made for greatness? You believe that great things have been done and will continue to be done. You believe that others…
There is a lot of difference between what we won’t do and what we can’t do. What we won’t do will keep us from greatness a lot more than what we can’t do. Ultimately choices, not abilities, are the greatest hindrances to our lasting success. With what you have right now, what difference can you make? That is what the choice of greatness is all about. Choose greatness now, right where you are! Personal greatness is about having a clear sense of identity, living out the eternal intents of your life, and influencing those around you by being of service.…
Whose responsibility is it to bring purpose to your work? It is your responsibility, not your boss. It is up to you to look for value in your job to make it more valuable. When you do, you will find yourself naturally investing more into it. We invest in what we value. In my book, Pathway to Purpose, I teach about the Responsibility Maxim that states, “The price of greatness is responsibility.” We know that if it has to be done, we have to put ourselves to work. However, we don’t always do that. The question is why don’t we…
Many approaches to finding strengths promise much but deliver little. Nothing beats the bare knuckles approach of spending time with yourself in order to know your strengths. Because we spend most of our waking moments at work, and because work provides us a sense of fulfilment, focussing on strengths within the context of your job makes most sense. Let me invite you to take the following strength discovery exercise. Think of all the activities you perform at work in executing your roles. List as many as you can on an note pad. 1)     Mark in red all those activities that…
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